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Contour A linear means of defining form
Drawing Gorky Sneaker Ellsworth Kelly, 1949, ink on paper. Vitruvian Man DaVinci

La Sieste (Les Moissonneurs) Pencil on paper, 1919. Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973)

Contour study Mark Roth

Blind Contour Ink on 8 1/2" x 11" paper, 2 Minutes, Whitney Allen Clark

Gesture Drawing A linear and/or tonal means of representing the model's action or pose; a group of marks meant to suggest the movements and distributions of weight inherent in the still life.
Big eUNIce 2002 painted steel 108" x 24" x 36" Camel Picasso Portrait of a Man Bedrich Fritta, c.1940s, ink.
Danseuse au bouquet ÊEdgar Degas Piano Player Dianne Woods Untitled  (head) Michael Mazur, 1965
Self-Portrait Henri Matisse, 1937 in "A Century of Drawings" at the National Gallery of Art Drawing (1) (2) Glenn Vilppu, Animator Der Tod und das Mþdchen Death and the girl (1894) Edvard Munch
Modeled Drawings ("value" drawings) A tonal means of indicating that forms "push back" into space
Neem Karoli Baba Nan Marcus Newman Oil & Gold Leaf on Canvas, 48 x 60", 1999

Still Life Michelle White

Marcell DuChamp by Joseph Stella, silverpoint, 1920 (note: he does use an outline-but the line shifts in value)
The Chapel Interior at Duke University Courtesy of Horace Trumbauer, Architect. Julian Abele, Chief Designer. Duke Erasmus Dürer, black chalk Newspaper Vendor (Study for the lithograph, "Vendedora De Periodicos"), Elizabeth Catlett (American, born 1919) Pencil on paper, 1955.
Portrait of Helge Ingstad Vebjorn Sand, 2000

Massilia, Greek Colony, Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, 1869 (note: this is probably a colorful oil painting)

Mother Arshille Gorky
Graphic A way of describing volume with two values.
Saint Alcuin 320i rear suspension illustration to his paper on "Weaving Analogy", C. Griffen, PhilaU paper
House Courtesy of Neighbors' Consejo Bull Picasso Terezin Theater Bedrich Fritta, c. 1940s, Ink

Angel WIth the Key to the Bottomless Pit Durer, Woodcut

drawing The C. Zimmerling "Tiddledy Winks" apparatus,
At the Plow Van Gogh Oil on Canvas
Use of a Limited Range of Colors

Landscape Lovis Corinth (German, 1858 - 1925), Medium: charcoal with orange pastel and white gouache, Measurements: Sheet: 46.4cm x 61.4cm, Date: 1904

Gray Umbrella Alex Katz 1979-80 Lithograph 20" x 30-1/4" Ed. 125, AP: 25 Arches Paper Printer: Styria Studio, Inc., NY Published by: GHJ Graphics Inc., NY
Color Drawings
Kansas Windmill Tim Vahsholtz, 11" x 8". Colored Pencil

Lovers Picasso

African Dancers Humbert Howard (American, 1915--1990) Black chalk and watercolor, 22 1/2 x 29 3/4 inches (57.2 x 75.7 cm) 1973

Fire truck Courtesy of the Anchorage Fire Department

The Letter N Jim Cogswell, 15"hx13"w Charcoal, graphite, alkyd, enamel, varnish, photo-emulsion on wood panels, 2001 Picture from Amanda's Sketchbook
Abstracted and Non-objective Drawings
Untitled, The Ocean Park Series, Richard Diebenkorn. Gouache on paper, 1972 Nighttime, Enigma and Nostalgia Arshile Gorky Barnett Newman The Song of Orpheus 1945, Oil on canvas, 19 x 14 in (larger)
UAI Event Sherri Smith, 12'hx 4.5W, strip woven with cloth and yarn, 2001 Deidre Scherer Work in Fabric and Thread

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