good pictures and bad recordings
of bands I've been in, and songs i've written.
I love to sing.

Look to the my favoritess.

On the Stage

Threading the needle...

Oh Man and How

2020-Now, a backyard Bandemic.

Song of the Cyclone my favorites 2023 Oct - how it feels to process anger? still working on it...

Sweet as Pie my favorites 2023 Oct - easy lovin'

at the Bark on Jan 28, 2022 at Nenefest 2022 flyer chatterer at the Bark on Jan 28, 2022 flyer flyer eyes looking in the window at blue tavern

Moon Mammals

2022, Backup Singer for Larry McCraw and Alex Cory

Tao Jonz and the Ontological Elephants' Peach Diamond Symphony

2000-2020, Backup Singer for Larry McCraw

The Alaskan Pirate and His Salty Seamen

2002-2007, Mandolin, Backup Singer

Itches in Me Britches my favorites VD song, verse language from the Early Stewart Libels, arranged by Larry McCraw, producer Damon Victor

Nene Fest Puppet Show Band

2012-2015, Lead Vocals


2014, Commercial

Pathfinder, garage band

Missus & the Walking Sticks

2008-2009, Mandolin, Singing

The Halflight

2002, art school music for Joe Sweeney's lyrics

The Halflight my favorites


1996-1998, Guitar, Vocals

Leavin' my favorites

The House Song

Push It Away

Robins Egg

The Fall

On the Porch

Taking sorrow, making joy.

Dream Squeeze


Days There is nothing like a good friend group.

Miles, My Friend. I miss you, sometimes.

Star Jasmine I won a creative songwriting contest with this: had to use the words star-jasmine, judder & regolith. lol

my favoritesThe Grind I was watching too much TV...

my favoritesSpin Ice skating, and telling your story.

Her, Greg A lived experience.

Dream Squeeze me, tight.

Lizard Brain

2015-2020, fight, flight, freeze, fuck, feed

Carried Away/Reach for Me

my favoritesWanna May I/I Wanna Love You

Through the Years

my favoritesTurn Me On to You

The Mountain, LeSizemore

The Best Friends Ever/Donna


2008-15, Garage-band-land. Separated playing from vocals. Laugh if you want. :-)

my favorites Caterwauling (from Cat as Cat Can)

The River Rises


Dust in My Eye Blues

The One

Washer Woman

2008-2012, Hums that went somewhere

The Benefit of the Doubt

Hands to Hold my favorites

SoftG LowFi

1998-2002, Guitar, Vocals

my favoritesGossip Song

Polightly Laughing/Soup

Sex Con

No Words


Born of Tomorrow